TinyDT is a TinyOS 1.x plugin for the Eclipse platform that implements an IDE for TinyOS/nesC development. As of now, it has  the following features:

  • Syntax highlighting of nesC code
  • Code navigation
  • Code completion for interface members
  • Support for multiple target platforms and sensor boards
  • Automatic build support
  • Team development support (through Eclipse-CVS integration)
  • Support for multiple TinyOS source trees

The most important feature that distinguishes TinyDT from the existing TinyOS IDE attempts is that TinyDT's internal parser builds an in-memory representation of the actual nesC application, which includes component hierarchy, wirings, interfaces and the JavaDoc style nesC documentation. The eclipse plugin queries this representation to implement various
features like code navigation, code completion, etc.

Please note that TinyDT is still under development and, in some aspects, has limited functionality. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to try it out, report the bugs, and last but not least, to contibute to TinyDT.

TinyDT is an open source project, hosted on, developed at the Institute of SoftwareIntegrated Systems, Vanderbilt University. The development of TinyDT was supported by an IBM Eclipse Innovation Grant award.

TinyDT builds upon a pure java nesC parser implemented using antlr, a powerful parser generator by Terence Parr et al. The nesC grammar heavily borrows from (actually inherits from) Mony Zukowsky's antlr based GNU C grammar.